We are a very experienced, B2B B2C,  well supplied international trading company. We are specialising exporting Australia’s / Euro  food product. For your convenience in being able to contact us, we have branch in Hong Kong and Shanghai partners in Moscow – Kiev- Haiphong-Riga – Vilnius -Warsaw and  Australia  ready and willing  to assist you.. There are many food safety issues occurring in China at present,  so why not choose food that is more natural, healthier and delicious, from Australia / Euro where food quality is strictly controlled.

 No8’s products

  • Long Life Milk liquid – Powder
  • Chicken Feet – Chicken Giblets – Whole Birds
  • Fruit – Cherries – Oranges
  • Vegetables
  • Baby formula
  • Vitamins – Health Supplements
  • Honey – Australian / New Zealand
  • Salmon – Australian / New Zealand/ North Sea
  • Tuna
  • Pork feet – Ears – Offals
  • Beef Products – B2B B2C – Beef Portion Trays CHINA – CIQ APPROVED
  • Donkey Hide – Meat
  • Wine
  • Coffee

For more information about our products please browse the website or contact us at Admin@No8.biz